Shias and Sunnis stand side by side in the Islamic Republic of Iran: Ayatollah Khamenei


I deeply admire the people of Sistan Baluchistan. The Baluch people are warm, welcoming, kind and talented. In terms of historical background, the people of Sistan are unique and prominent among all ethnic groups of Iran. Sistan-Baluchistan, like the provinces of Kurdistan and Golestan, is a symbol of Islamic unity and an example for the world in cooperation and brotherly coexistence of Shias and Sunnis. We’d like to teach that to the world, asking Muslim brethren to work together and live in peace alongside one another. Sistan-Baluchistan in Iran is an example. Actually, the enemy has targeted the same region as they try to sow discord. A Sunni youth martyred during the Sacred Defense or a Sunni Molawi (scholar) martyred by anti-revolution agents, for his defense of the Islamic Revolution, proves that in the Islamic Republic, Sunnis and Shias stand by one another during the most challenging obstacles…


The full text of the speech will be published soon…

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